You can find here recommended GitHub projects I’ve developed using Java and open-source libraries with a different variety of test frameworks, patterns, and approaches.

Here you will find examples of creating Web tests using the best practices and approaches. You will find patterns like BaseTest, Factory, Builder, and also a ready-to-use infrastructure for parallel tests.

In this project, you will find a breakdown structure of health-check, functional, contact, and end-to-end API tests, a pipeline to execute them, and request and response specification examples.

Do you want to know different browser instance creations using Selenium WebDriver? This project shows 3 approaches, from basic to advanced which you can easily maintain. It’s also ready for parallel execution using Selenium 4 Grid.

You will see here concrete examples of BaseTest, Build + Fluent Interface, and Factory Design Patterns, as well Data Generation, Configuration Management, and Log & Reports as Architecture Decisions.